Inner Circle

A deep dive learning experience designed to help you grow yourself, grow your team and ultimately grow your church.

The Problem

All churches get stuck

And yet, great churches keep growing... How'd they do it?

When you’re building something bigger than yourself, pain isn't far behind. And you can only grow to the level of your pain threshold. You may feel like you’ve hit a wall—hard. You’re stumped. You know there's a way. There's got to be. But it keeps feeling like it's just out of reach. You've already decided you're not giving up. But what's your next step? Where do you start? How do you break through what's blocking you now?

Symptom 1

You're having some doubts

When doubt creeps in those debilitating questions follow right behind...

  • Am I really the leader that can take this church to the next level?
  • Do I even know how to get there?
  • And even if I discover the way, is this the right team?
  • Will I always have to figure all of it out alone, or is there someone who can help me?
  • What if I try, and still fail my church? This community? All these people that believe in me?

There may be a dark cloud of fogginess in your head, but one thing remains clear... You know you can't solve your current problems with the same level of thinking you used when you created them.

Symptom 2

You don't know what to focus on

For years you've probably attended the best conferences, hit the seminar circuits, the roundtables. But it's like you're always chasing the next silver bullet, the newest magic program that will supposedly change everything. It's confusing. Even maddening. What you really want to know is just where to start. Today. What to prioritize tomorrow, and what to just let go of. That's exactly what RSG will give you - a step by step, systematic way to move forward and never stop moving.

Symptom 3

Your systems are slowing you down

Here's what you can be sure of... *what got you here won't take you there.* A huge hurdle for growth is often the private systems behind the public ministry. If you didn't start with scalable systems, how do you plan to build them now? It's not like you can just take a break, build the systems, and then open the church back up. Plus, when it comes to designing systems, there's so many categories to deal with: Hiring and firing, developing leaders, governance, staff growth, organizational charts, resource allocation. The list goes on and on, and any one of those things can seriously blockade your ability to grow. So, what are you going to do?

Symptom 4

You hesitate to delegate

Duplicating yourself is the only way to grow. It's the Jesus way. But you struggle to know what to hand off. It's hard to know when someone can handle more. Trusting your team is scary business, not to mention adding volunteers into the leadership mix. You know you've got to have clear steps to keep people moving through the leadership pathway, but how do you get started?

Symptom 5

You've plateaued

You're finding yourself working just as hard as ever - maybe even more - but not gaining ground. What used to work isn't getting traction any more. The back door seems to be swinging wide open... Meaning, people are coming in, but there's also a lot of people not coming anymore, so the numbers aren't moving. Somehow engagement is lagging further and further behind. If this keeps up, it's only natural to fear that church decline is coming soon. Then, what are we going to do?

Meet Scott

I've been where you are.

And that place can be intimidating. You know God has called you. The dream is deep in your heart. I was there. Ministry can be like navigating a minefield. Revenue ceilings. Staffing problems. Management issues. Leadership misses. Systems dysfunction. Feeling trapped. Hit anyone of those mines and it could all be over. I've walked through that ministry mine-field and gotten to the other side. Those obstacles are real. They're not just in your head and there's real danger if you hit them. But, there is a way through and I can show you.

Hi, I’m Scott Wilson and I am a Global pastor and influencer with over 3 decades of growing top-tier leaders in ministry and the marketplace. I've helped thousands of senior leaders around the world blow the lid off their leadership cap, learn how to organize their personal lives for maximum impact, set up duplicatable staffing/organizational systems for church growth. There are hundreds of men and women around the world that I've helped, who are doing everything from church planting to leading world-wide faith based networks.

I've spent a lifetime building the best in class team of experts who have the ability to transform thinking, explode current capacity, and help you deploy renewable systems for impacting your community, your family, your church, and your world. The RSG Inner Circle is a hybrid of True North strategy, real-time in the moment coaching, and duplicatable models that will catapult (yes, I know that's kind of a crazy word, but I mean it), you into a way of living and leading that you always hoped was achievable. And it truly is! Me and the RSG team are here to help!

  • 20 years of Lead Pastor experience
  • Proven growth track record
  • 21 Churches Planted
  • 500+ leaders developed into full time ministry
  • Grew the churches finances from $1.7 million to $12 million a year

The Solution

The #1 thing you need is a growth team. And my team is absolutely the best!

High performance leaders know they can't be the expert in everything, so they don’t even try to be. Instead they choose to surround themselves with best in class coaches/consultants who can teach and advise them...and with their help, leaders can make expert decisions, while growing from the experience. I wouldn’t be the leader I am today if I wouldn’t have surrounded myself with a GROWTH TEAM of experts to help me grow in every area of my life. And now I get to share MY GROWTH TEAM with YOU. When you join the RSG Inner Circle you get MY GROWTH TEAM and the means to integrate them into every part of your personal life and organization.


RSG Inner Circle is a step by step systematic journey that we will take with you.

The ministry mine-field is real. It's not going away. Going at it alone is insanity!

RSG will give you a roadmap to follow to get from here (today) to there (tomorrow) - the place God is calling you and your church and your leaders.

You will get:

  • Access to my whole team of best in class experts.
  • Plug and play systems for every part of the organization.
  • Duplicatable models and templates to use in any situation.
  • And most importantly, real-time mentoring from me and my growth team, guiding you through your most important growth seasons.

As a Global pastor and influencer - with over 3 decades of growing top-tier ministry/marketplace leaders, someone who has navigated successfully through the minefield of ministry - I will be on this journey with you. It can be tough, but it's worth it. I'm so thankful I made it and want you to make it, too.

During this journey, I will partner you with my own personal growth team. Then I map out the mine-field over a three year journey. Making sure to put the right content and training in just the right moment. Each step is perfectly designed to provide maximum value and impact for you and your church. The greatest part is that every portion of the RSG System is battle tested and ready to go. So, let's do this!


The RSG team of coaches are truly world-class!

They've all achieved huge success in their fields of endeavor, helping pastors get breakthrough results. That's what we're going for here. It's about always working toward BREAKTHROUGH to accomplish the Great Commission.

The RSG Inner Circle will include:

  • Regular Zoom coaching calls
  • On-site visits
  • A 3-day retreat with my wife and I
  • Personal, systems, and organizational evaluations
  • Scheduled Q&A sessions that target your real-time issue
  • And "call me anytime" access. Seriously, as an RSG Inner Circle member, my number should be on your speed dial list. I'm here and will do everything I can to pick up immediately when you call!


The RSG playbook is filled with updatable templates, checklists, and manuals

One of the biggest deterrents to organizational alignment and unity is not speaking the same "language". Our suite of materials in the RSG playbook help your whole team use the same tools, documents, and processes for keeping everything moving toward True North.

You and your team will have access to all kinds of helps for:

  • Playbooks to know where to focus as a church
  • Departmental Playbooks to help each department know how to stay on track
  • Leading effective meetings
  • Deploying capital giving projects
  • Setting and keeping goals
  • Developing donors
  • Marketing for "ask" campaigns
  • Building sermon frameworks
  • Legal contracts
  • Seasonal evaluations
  • A "Growth Track" buildout plan
  • Hiring processes
  • Discipleship programs
  • Engagement pathways
  • Handling conflicts
  • Personnel evaluations
  • And lots more!

Literally everything that I have and use is going to be yours! Easily downloadable and updatable. All in one place.

And I'm not done learning. So everything I learn will keep being added along the way.


Individually Designed Personal Growth Plans

Not only will my team be working alongside you, I will be helping you design your own personal leadership growth plan. You can't give or reproduce what you don't have inside of you. Your personal growth as a leader is the number one determining growth factor for your team and organization. Even with the best systems up and running, it will be crucial to have an individualized plan in place just for you.

Once your personal plan is set, we will then help you design your growth plan for your team. That's when we move to the last piece of the RSG system which includes team-based learning.


Systematic team-based learning.

You've probably found that growing your teams can be a painful hit and miss endeavor. That's because so many focus on the "what" without recognizing the "how". The "how" is the deployment system. It's what makes or breaks your plan. We've been training teams of leaders for over three decades and discovered the best, most easily implemented, ways to get what you know into the hearts and lives of those you lead.

Whether it's your pastors, staff, board or volunteers, there is a tried and true way to duplicate yourself for maximum impact. This component is literally insurance against stalling out. An organization that's growing at all levels will be unstoppable!

Curious if this is the right fit for your church?

Take a brief quiz to see if you're ready to join us in the Inner Circle.

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Scott and Jenni were born for this...the 31 years they've been in pastoral ministry were for this moment and this help Lead Pastors become all God has called them to be....I can tell you right now, Scott and Jenni are the greatest spiritual father/mother combo in America...that's a fact.

John Maxwell

John C. Maxwell is a No. 1 New York Times bestselling author, coach and speaker who has sold more than 24 million books in 50 languages

"What if I had..." is a question I wrestle with even today. What if I had mentoring and resources like Ready—Set—Grow and personal guidance from someone like Pastor Scott Wilson and his team when I was Pastoring my church? No doubt, I would have grown as a leader, the church would have grown in impact and influence and the Kingdom would be enlarged. You, don't have to wrestle with "What if...". Let Ready—Set—Grow take you into your envisioned future. You won't regret it.

Sam Chand

Leadership Consultant and author of Harnessing the Power of Tension 

Leaders are learners. It is inherent in a leader to improve. So in their quest to grow they seek out the best. They look for people with fresh eyes, those who see what they don't see so they can become their best. Biblically this is played out by Jethro and Moses. Jethro saw what Moses did not. Scott Wilson is a modern day Jethro. He has pastored, he knows what it's like to live in the trenches. He's built a ministry, which is esteemed and respected. If you are a Pastor borrow from Scott's eyes, he will help you to see better, he will help you be better, he will help you to become better.

Gerald Brooks D.D.,D.C.L.

Want to grow your church to 1,000+? If so, I am pleased to recommend Pastor Scott Wilson and his organization Ready, Set, Grow. They will help you apply biblical principles and practical strategies that will result in fulfillment of Isaiah 54:2-3. So get ready to enlarge the place of your tent, stretch out your curtains, lengthen your cords and strengthen your stakes. You will expand!!!

Walter Harvey

President, National Black Fellowship, Assemblies of God

Very few people challenge me or encourage me like Scott Wilson. He is a pastor of pastors, a leader of leaders. You can't be around Scott and Jenni for very long without getting God ideas! If you're ready to grow, personally and organizationally, I can't imagine a better mentor or spiritual father. Ready, set, grow!

Mark Batterson

Lead Pastor of National Community Church and NY Times Best Selling Author

Growth Plan


High Performing Lead Pastor

We will help you design your personalized growth plan and walk alongside you every step of the way to hit your objectives, goals, and milestones.


Intentional Growth Plans

Think of your departments, initiatives and projects as apps on a phone. If the operating system underneath all those apps is glitching, then every app will be dysfunctional, misaligned, and constantly stalling out.

With IGPs (Intentional Growth Plans), we will help you get all your departments and initiatives aligned and moving toward double impact. It's not magic. But it is transformational. What will your organization look like when everyone is headed in the same direction at the same time?


Catalytic Weekend Experiences

30 years of developing strategies to reach the lost and make disciples through our weekend services has given us an almost unlimited view of what works when and how in each season of church growth. It won't be us telling you what to do as much as us helping you discover/design what's best for this particular season of your church life.


Finances / Giving

We've walked that financial journey, too. It can be super daunting. But we know what it's like to grow from $1.7 Million to a $12 Million annual budget. The issue isn't raising money. The key is empowering people to be on the giving journey and growing in their generosity. We'll show you exactly how to do it.


Staff Development

Every pastor has problems with their staff in one way or the other. Welcome to ministry. But many of the problems go away once there is a clear path for developing every single person on your team. The Inner Circle provides the systems you need to elevate every member of the team.


Engagement Pathway

When you're helping hundreds of new people take their first step and thousands of regular attenders take continual steps of growth, it looks like art. Honestly, though, it's really just an intentional system that you can learn to deploy over and over again. The Inner Circle provides not only the system but the management cycle to ensure sustainability.


Community Engagement

Every year, our county hosts an award ceremony to recognize outstanding individuals and organizations in the community. In 2019, 4 different people in our church were awarded business of the year, entrepreneur of the year, leader of the year, and best place to work of the year. This doesn't happen by coincidence. We have community engagement. Currently, we have organized 80 of the most influential leaders in the 6 streams of influence to work together to solve the community's biggest problems. Visit to learn more. The Inner Circle provides the duplicatable models to help any city/church equip their people to move forward for maximum impact.


Leading Change

Change is inevitable. There has never been a more leadership-intensive time than the one we're in right now. So far we've never met a change we didn't eventually dominate. We can teach you how to lead through the chaos of change and live to tell about it.


Governance & Board

Governance can often be a make it or break it issue for a church. We have specific designs and operational tools to help you build the kind of governance structure that propels growth alongside a board of directors designed for high capacity visionaries.


Succession Planning

Succession is coming, you might as well plan for it. Everyone is leaving. Some time. Some how. When it's your time to pass the baton of leadership, you want to be ready. And "getting ready" isn't something you can do overnight. Do you have a plan for your finances, future, and family? We can help you. I planned my succession 20 years before I did it because I wanted to transition well. The Inner Circle will help you map out and execute the best plan possible no matter where you're at in the process.


Scott Wilson is a leader of leaders and a pastor of pastors. He has the ability to speak life and strategic wisdom into organizations of all shapes and sizes. His voice into my life has been instrumental into the growth that we have experienced at our local church. I am better because of his wisdom and I know that he will help take the dream that is in your heart and make it a reality.

Pastor Aaron Burke

Radiant Church

Every relationship in your life makes deposits or withdrawals from your well-being. Long-term relationships will do both over time, but will lean one way or another. When I've been around too many "draining" relationships and situations, there are 2-3 people I seek out that pull my "overdrawn" emotions back above water. Scott Wilson is at the top of that list.

God has uniquely gifted some people with a divine ability to pull out the "gold" in others. Scott's voice and presence naturally and authentically has a way to make people the best version of themselves. When I'm with Scott, I feel like I can accomplish anything. Some people spend their lives practicing what Scott does so effortlessly. Read what he writes. If you have a chance to get in a room where he it!

Dr. Bryan Jarrett

Northplace Church

Growth and Health are synonymous and both are essential if we are going to be the Pastors we are called to be. This is where Pastor Scott and his team thrive. They not only help answer the question we as Pastors always wrestled with, "how do we grow our churches", but also help us develop the character to sustain that growth both through personal health and organizational health. Pastor Scott has such a beautiful gift of understanding, like a spiritual father, how you can navigate pastoring a church and still be healthy personally and what are the best practices to build a healthy Church leadership team. While his team is so unbelievable with helping you identify what is holding your church back from growth and strategically develop the plans that will lead to growth. Ready, Set, Grow is not just a plug and play church growth strategy, but a deep commitment to having a devoted team walk beside you and your leadership team to see you thrive personally and as an organization!

Mike Carlton

Bloom Church

I have had the privilege of knowing Scott Wilson for decades. I watched his leadership skills formulated one of the largest youth groups in Dallas. Then I watched him take over the reins as lead pastor of the Oaks Church and move it into a whole different dimension. I am so glad that he has become the global pastor for the Oaks. This gives him more time to be freed up to realize his dream of helping churches explode rather than implode.

Pastor Mike Robertson

Visalia First Church

I cannot say enough how my relationship with Pastor Scott has influenced me. Through the years I have admired Pastor Scott from a distance but I have grown even more as I have spent more and more time with him. I can think of more than one instance where his counsel, prayer and wisdom have given me what I needed to keep going. In one instance if it were not for a very timely meeting with Pastor Scott I might not still be serving here at Lifegate. We had experienced a crisis where a staff member had a moral failure. I was not sure what to do or how to handle it. As the same time my emotions were exhausted because of our closeness to the situation. Pastor Scott helped me create a plan that brought us through that very difficult time. As a result we didn't just survive the situation we actually grew. More recently the investment that Scott and Jenni have made in our marriage through our retreats and one on one calls as well as group zoom calls have encouraged us in this current season. I don't know what we would do without our Pastor.

Pastor Chad Benson

Lifegate Church

Pastor Scott and Jenni have been amazing leaders, mentors, friends and spiritual parents to my wife and I for the last 15 years. I interned while in college at their church and they have been investing in my life ever since. Their support, guidance, and encouragement mean the world to us. There is no way I'd be where I am today and my church wouldn't be where it is without them. I'm eternally grateful for all they've done and continue to do for us.

Pastor Kyle Hammond

Adventure Church

Several years ago, my wife and I were facing the biggest challenge we had ever faced in our marriage. We both had come from great families. In fact, both of our parents are pastors, one in Louisiana and the other in New Mexico. However, we were living in Texas at the time of our crisis, which meant we were hours away from our biological fathers.

We needed someone we could talk to face to face and our first call was to Pastor Scott and Jenni. They dropped everything on their already busy schedules and offered to meet with us immediately.

I'll never forget walking into his office that afternoon. I was so ashamed. I knew what I had done was wrong and that it put everything in jeopardy, our marriage, our ministry, and our future. But when I walked in, Pastor Scott got up from behind his desk and came to me. He wrapped his arms around me and whispered in my ear, "I love you buddy. I believe in you. I always have and I always will. We are going to get through this together. You're one of the smartest people I know. You're amazing. I know who you are. What's happened doesn't change that." I didn't deserve those words at the time, but that's what fathers do. They speak life. They see potential and they call it out. They love when it's hard. But it didn't stop there. Pastor Scott and Jenni picked up the phone and made a call to a ministry who could help us even more. Once we were approved to make the trip, they generously paid our fees to make it possible. Without a doubt, I can say that I do not believe our marriage would have survived without Pastor Scott and Jenni.

Since then, they have continued to pour into our lives. We are now serving as lead pastors and they have walked with us every step of the way. Just yesterday, I was processing a tough staff issue and Pastor Scott spent 45 minutes coaching me over the phone. This has happened countless times! I don't know where he gets the energy because I know I'm not the only one calling him for advice.

This is why I am so thankful for Pastor Scott and his team. The reality is Pastor Scott and Jenni can only pour into so many pastors. We absolutely have to find a way to multiply the father's heart. Pastors have lots of conferences that are open to attend. It's not that hard to find a coach or maybe even a mentor that available. But there is a lack of father's....and the results are devastating.

On the other hand, look what can happen when a father picks his son up, looks him in the eye, speaks life, disciplines as necessary, and then launches them back out into the world!

This is what it's all about. What if we could raise up an army of fathers? Fathers who reproduce fathers! I think we can. And I know it will have an enormous impact. Not just on churches but on individual lives like ours.

Pastor Jason Dickenson

Harvest Church



The Inner Circle is an investment!

An investment of your most precious resources - time and money. Investments are made to produce ongoing results. Before investing in RSG Inner Circle, you must know:

  • The concepts, strategies, and insight you will discover require you to show up and put in the work.
  • It will take more than money to master them.
  • We can’t guarantee overnight success (but let’s be real—that doesn’t happen for anyone).
  • What we can promise you is that your investment in RSG Inner Circle will save you countless time, money, effort, and people resources in the long run. Each step we take you through took us decades of mishaps, blown goals, wasted dollars and sometimes even a little blood. This is what we want you to avoid.
  • We all know, paying someone to do your pushups for you will never get you the results you want. You have to put in the work yourself. We can however coach you to know what to work on when and encourage you every step of the way.
  • If you’re ready to take your church to the next level, it’s time to commit.
  • Now is the time to invest in your church, your team, yourself. Let's do this!

Next Step

When you're ready, we're ready. Fill out the application and our team looks forward to talking with you!


  • Will you have enough time to meet with me?

    We have a very small, exclusive group at any one time. This ensures our ability to work personally and individually with every member.

  • Will your content be too general and not help my specific church?

    The RSG Inner Circle will regularly be training for general mastery as well as individual/topical/seasonal mastery. Once we set up the foundation, then our focus is helping you gain ground on your specific leadership and organizational needs.

  • Will you be able to help my church... you don't know my demographics?

    While there are some demographic-centric issues you may be facing, the system is set up to empower you toward impact regardless of your location/population.

  • I feel like I'm too busy to watch more content.. how will I have time for this?

    Growing takes time. Period. You're current plan is uniquely designed to get the results you're currently getting. There will be some content to listen to or watch, but the goal isn't to fill you with content. The goal is to teach you how to double your kingdom impact through action.

  • How much time do I need to commit per week?

    Results will be directly tied to investment. It's not as much about absolute hours each week as it is about action taken on new learnings and discoveries. We've walked this journey and know the pain. Don't worry, we'll help you figure this thing out with a healthy rhythm that won't blow up your home or ministry life.

  • How do I know this program is right for me?

    Take the quiz

  • Will this program solve my problems?

    In short... kind of. Here's what we've learned: every time you solve a problem and grow, you create a new set of problems. The RSG system is designed to be used over and over again as you "create" new problems. Those who continually solve problems grow. Those who don't, stall.

  • Will I be able to build a roadmap to success after this program?

    We're not here to be consultants that you'll utterly depend on the rest of your life. We want to help you become who God has called you to be and accomplish His work independently from us. With that said, once in the Inner Circle, always in the Inner Circle. For us, it's all about relationship. Our success is to help you be successful. Period.